3 Reasons Why Graphic Design Is So Important

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3 Reasons Why Graphic Design Is So Important

Good graphic design is an investment worth making. Before a potential client or customer reads the words on your website, they take notice of the design. In a split second, your logo and other graphic elements send a message about your business. You may be the best at what you do, but if your competitor has modern, aesthetically-pleasing branding and your logo is something you threw together in MS Paint a decade ago, your competitor has the edge. Here’s why graphic design is important.

1. Graphic Design Can Make a Great First Impression

Many small businesses make the mistake of thinking their work will speak for itself. In a perfect world, we’d all win customers based on our merits, but it’s not a perfect world—we all judge books by their covers. When it comes to websites, users form their first impressions within 50 milliseconds. In the time it takes you to blink, your potential customers have already decided whether or not your business is one they can trust based on the aesthetics of your website.

Graphic design starts with a great logo, but it doesn’t end there. Custom-designed fonts can make your website and emails stand out; an illustration on your homepage can communicate what your business is about better than a paragraph of text. Pepper graphics throughout your website and communications for a polished, professional look that conveys the right message at a glance.

2. Graphic Design Is Key to Developing a Brand

What do all big brands have in common? They all have an iconic logo. 

Think about any well-known brand and we bet you can instantly envision their logo too. While you might not have aspirations to be the next Twitter or Coca-Cola, your branding should also be strong and recognizable, a feat that’s impossible to achieve without a skilled graphic designer.

The problem with DIY logos or the ones you buy for $5 online is that they might look decent, but they’re rarely iconic and don’t send much of a message about your brand. When you work with a graphic design team, we take the time to get to know the story of your business so we can craft a logo and cohesive branding that visually communicates your message to the world. 

3. Graphic Design Helps Your Business Stand Out

No matter what industry you work in, we’re willing to bet there’s a sea of competition out there—and you’re all competing for the same customers. Because those customers make judgments about websites in the blink of an eye, as discussed above, good graphic design is one of the most effective ways to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Think of graphic design as an opportunity—when your visual branding makes the right first impression, it buys you the time you need to make a sale, whereas potential customers may click away from your competitors’ websites if they look outdated or unprofessional. When potential customers are shopping around and comparing your business to a number of others, polished graphic design can give you an advantage because it sends the message that you’re competent, successful, and trustworthy.

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