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Your logo is the look of your brand name, it defines your company. Your brand’s distinctiveness is the most precious marketing tool and helps you stand out from the rest. Our identity and logo designers craft branding that is complete and well thought-out.

It should be prominent, familiar and apt to your company. Eventually, establishing a constructive association with your clients is the objective of a good logo design. Many industries all across the globe have benefited from our approach, and we have successfully built logos across an extensive range of businesses.

Every good logo is born out of alliance between the company and the designer. We put up a lot of queries and listen to the responses to find a precise course of the work that needs to be done. Once we have recognized the objectives, we design the actual layout. We then listen to your feedback, and make any required modifications prior to handing off the ultimate designs.

Our Los Angeles based highly artistic design team works in a wide range of styles to provide your brand with the most unique, fresh, and refined logo design.

Corporate ID

Corporate Identity expresses your business brand personality and sets you apart from the competition. Your corporate identity is what defines you across every standard. An undefined brand means a weak presence in the market. We convey your company’s message across all the mediums with professional corporate identity which helps your brand to be prominent and helps your brand stand out above all. We make your company experience unforgettable.

We deliver your brand’s message across and help you reach probable customers. We at Spencer Lewis Marketing Group dedicate ourselves in describing your brand with logo, brochure, direct mail, website design and marketing options assured to reverberate powerfully with your client base. Getting corporate identity right is what Spencer Lewis Marketing Group specializes in.

We are an independent design agency in the Los Angeles area that creates original, branded work that is edgy, challenging and memorable and will help you meet your marketing needs by building a strong individuality and branding system as well as a bigger web existence to increase your product’s market reach.


A brochure still stands tall as one of the most impactful marketing and advertising tools a brand can have in its marketing tool-kit. It is effective, versatile and relatively inexpensive advertising method to deliver your message.

We at Spencer Lewis Marketing Group have designed thousands of brochures across a vast array of markets for small businesses and big businesses and we believe that they are an indispensable part of your marketing strategy. The skilled design team at Spencer Lewis Marketing Group builds brochures that deliver your brands idea and your product in the most efficient way. We find an approach to communicate your company’s benefits, goods and services to your probable clients in a concise and appealing way. A good quality brochure is an outstanding way to deliver your message, help the marketing efforts of your company and compliment your web presence. We would help you set your business apart and flourish with a one of its kind brochure.

Whether you’re looking for a brochure to advertise your products, inform your audience or promote your services, we can craft something that looks amazing and achieves your goals.


Whether you’re an established brand, start-up or just wish to promote your products and services, advertisement is still a significant part of the marketing strategy of a brand. The secret is finding fresh and exciting ways to stand out and integrate paid media advertising with your wider communications.

We at Spencer Lewis Marketing Group have skilled designers who try to understand your business, your brand, your vision and how to go about your promotions. The designers at Spencer Lewis Group craft advertisements that engage, educate and deliver what you wish to be conveyed to your potential customers. Our Los Angeles based team of designers creates professional designs that will have your business standing out above the rest. We strive to go beyond our clients desires to create designs that help their clientele experience their products and services in new ways. Our ambition is to provide a one-source solution to the advertising and marketing needs of your business.

We’re fast moving, proficiently skilled and delectably effective. Contact us today for your marketing needs.

Direct Mail

Connect with your customers or prospective customers by using targeted, substantial advertising. Spencer Lewis Marketing Group works closely with you to achieve all your Direct Mailing needs. We are a  Los Angeles based firm that is considerably experienced in helping you with processing your mailing campaign.

Direct mail marketing fosters an immediate association with your customers, because it addresses them by name and look after their exclusive needs. This way people feel as though you understand their needs and are much more likely to respond. This would help your brands popularity and would reach more people.

Direct mail lets you send a physical entity to your customers, along with interesting messages, coupons, stickers, and free samples are just some of the ways you can make a memorable impression with your clients.

We’ve put our years of mailing experience together to assist you achieve your brands vision and help your brands voice to be heard by your potential customers. We can help you through all aspects of your direct mail marketing needs. Our customers choose us for our dependability, consistency, straightforwardness and the shared experience. Contact us today for any queries and let us know how we can assist you with your direct mailing campaign.


We are a complete service web design studio based in Los Angeles, specializing in designing and building professional websites for small businesses and organizations looking to grow in the online arena. We at Spencer Lewis Marketing Group take your business to a whole new level and make it come to life in a visually pleasing way for the end users. Our designers at Spencer Lewis Group help brands and businesses reach more customers, drive more traffic and boost growth. A site’s design is the reflection of a brand’s standards and it tells people why they should choose you.

Spencer Lewis Marketing Group helps clients stand out from their competition with highly efficient, eye-popping web design. When designing and building a website, we always begin with a dialog with our client.

At Spencer Lewis Marketing Group, we focus on designing and building websites that can be easily updated by our clients, so they can add new content whenever they need to.